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What is JFrog Artifactory?

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Shipping updates continuously and automatically has become a critical element of any successful operation. JFrog is revolutionizing the software world with the practice of Continuous Update, with a speed and continuity that forever changes the way organizations manage and release software.

While Version Control is great for sources, you shouldn’t check-in binaries files.
Add a layer of control by using Artifactory as repository with which the Build tool interacts.
PHP repository
Leverage Artifactory CI plugins to automate CI/CD pipeline and capture critical information about the build process.
Manage Full Artifact Lifecycle
Use metadata about an environment image and application file to gain consistency and transparency into your images and containers.
Integrate your CD tools with Artifactory to release faster and more reliably to your environment.

The Artifactory Difference

Scales to Infinity

Achieve high availability with active/active clustering and multi-site replication for your DevOps setup to support your scale.

Too Integrated to Fail

Integrates with your environment giving you the freedom to choose your tool stack. Use Artifactory to unite your CI/CD ecosystem, increase developer productivity and avoid vendor-lock-in.

Empowers Automation

Release faster and automate your pipeline via powerful REST APIs.

Hybrid Solution, Cloud or On-Prem

Deploy Artifactory on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

Multi-Site Replication

Zero downtime on your Dev and Ops floor. Achieve High Availability with active/active clustering of your DevOps environment and scale as your team grows.

Unbeatable 24/7 R&D Level Support

We provide around the clock help from the best support team in the industry.

Accelerate your development workflow

Artifactory helps you speed up development by fitting in seamlessly with how your team works and providing them with a powerful API for automating processes.

Manage full artifact Lifecycle

By integrating with your existing ecosystem, Artifactory supports end-to-end binary management that overcomes the complexity of working with different software package management systems, and provides consistency to your CI/CD workflow.

Fueled by community and customer happiness

Better Together
jFrog’s End-to-End Product Offering

JFrog Artifactory integrates with the rest of the JFrog product family so all work flows seamlessly.


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