From Artifact launch until landing,
DevOps Management at Scale
What is JFrog Mission Control?

Single admin Access Point and dashboard for Managing Multiple services and insights

JFrog Mission Control is a DevOps worry free dashboard solution that offers a bird's-eye view of all your Artifactory and Xray services. Configure and view all services under your administrative control whether they are installed on your own site or at geographically remote sites around the world.

Accelerate software delivery at global scale
View, manage and monitor Artifactory Enterprise services – including HA
Ensure Trust in your Software release globally
Instantly fail-over to an alternative site to continue normal operation
Understand the flow of artifact assets between sites to maximize productivity

The Mission Control Difference

Centrally Manage All Aspects of
Your JFrog Products

Configure JFrog services
automatically with standard modules
to avoid human error.

Full Visibility Of Your Sites and Their Dependencies

View, manage and monitor all your Artifactory
Enterprise and Xray services worldwide from a
single pane of glass.

Monitor Usage Across
Your Organization

Overview on all managed services usage
of resources and insight information on
your resource allocation

Backup and Recover
Artifactory Service

Administrators can re-route traffic from
an Artifactory service that is down or
scheduled to go down to its DR target with
a single click of a button.

Smart Scripting

Increase efficiency and speed with smart
pre-scripted admin operations. Mission Control uses
reusable Groovy based DSL scripts to configure
the services that it manages, and perform
a variety of actions.

Apply All of Your
Artifactory Licenses

JFrog Mission Control introduces License
deployment management which automates,
and therefore, greatly simplifies the
management of licenses for large numbers
of Artifactory services.

Topology View

JFrog Mission Control provides you
with an easy way to explore your
managed sites and their services, on
a geo-location map and a list view.


Prevent any chance of losing critical
data by configuring complete
system replication with DR, in one
convenient place and with a single
click of a button.


As a centralized command and control
center, Mission Control provides
historical usage and storage data
insights about Artifactory services and
their repositories.

Release Fast Or Die