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What is JFrog Mission Control?

explore Artifactory & Xray Services

JFrog Mission Control makes it easy to manage multiple Artifactory and Xray services located within globally distributed sites. Get a complete picture of the relationships between your services and drill down to get an in depth view.

site view

View connections and details on services that are grouped together into a site according to their geographic locations.


Explore various connections such as replication relationships between your Artifactory services, and Xray connections to Artifactory services.

drill down

Drill down to see a detailed view with comprehensive information about your managed Artifactory and Xray services.


Configure JFrog Services with Powerful Scripting and REST API, including:


Update service configurations starting from single local Maven repository to a global multi-service star topology setup. Onboard your teams of many users with a single script execution.

dry run

See the expected results and a comparison view before making any configuration changes to your services.

bring your own script

Develop your Mission Control scripts using your favorite IDE and manage them in your Git server. You can start with pre-configured templates provided by Mission Control or from one of the examples available in the JFrog GitHub account. Mission control connects to your Git repository to load and execute scripts!

rest api

Automate your script execution, service and site management, license management and more using the mission control REST API.


Historical storage and usage data on all of your Artifactory services.

Storage and Artifact Usage

Get insights about your storage and artifacts usage over time, and use them to identify growth needs. Compare usage between different repositories and Artifactory services.

zoom in

Focus on specific date ranges to analyse and identify any issues such as artifact cleanup failures.

top 5

Identify the five services with the highest storage percentage and repository usage over time managed by Mission Control.


Ensuring that your Artifactory services are completely protected against any
potential unexpected damage and loss of data.

disaster recovery

Mission control will assist you with making sure your disaster recovery environment is in sync with your primary and ready for failover. Once you are ready to switch back to your primary environment, Mission Control will take care of seamlessly reverting back.

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